Wetland Project

The Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory currently under construction on the University of Washington Bothell campus through a generous donation by Dr. Gordon Green will  house  a classroom, botanical laboratory and exhibit space.  It is being constructed on the north edge of the  58-acre wetland restoration: one of the most successful and one of the  largest floodplain restorations in the Pacific Northwest.  These design proposals represent design explorations celebrating both the wetland restoration and the Conservatory.

Purification’s Tranquility

Simonds Spears

Nuture and Growth

Steps towards Conservatory


Circle of Life: Wetlands

Heron and Nest Sculpture


Changing Times

Squirrel with Nut

Deep Roots




Conservation: Before and After

The Stream of Life

Keeping our Homes Dry

A Mother and a Baby in the Wetlands

An Artsy, Garbage-Free Wetland

The Lung of the Earth

The Wetlands-Nature’s Kidneys

Nature Restoring Humans

Footprint: Wetlands

Beauty of Flight


Livin’ in the Wetlands

Project Rebirth

Cleansing the Community

Movement of the Land

Stretching our Branches

Wetlands behind the Faucets

Modernity vs. the Native Fauna

Natural Elements Bench



The Home Land

Mother Crow


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