Mending Wall Project

Analyzing Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall  sparked these design proposals investigating social barriers and boundaries.  A Call to Artists was issued to the class seeking design proposals for artwork to be displayed on the construction fences on the rapidly expanding campus at the University of Washington Bothell.    Students formed groups based on social barriers  they were interested in presenting as a catalyst to inspire deeper conversations across campus.

To broaden their exploration of fences and boundaries in society, Community Based Learning and Research at the UW Bothell  arranged guest lecturers from  Mary’s Place Center for Homeless WomenUniversity Beyond BarsFull Life Care and One America.

Please follow the links below to explore social barriers through the eyes of UWB students and post your questions and comments.

The Identity Project

Apples to Oranges

Behind Closed Doors 

The Bound Book  

Bridging Education

The Choice

The Color of Multiculturalism

Hope for Prisoners?

Spiraling Distress

The Stranger


One response to “Mending Wall Project

  1. I really enjoyed reading about and looking over the designs for these projects. Thanks for sharing your passion about these issues!

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