Mother Crow

Andrea Fisher

Wetlands project


crow 1 crow 2 crow 3 crow 4

Mother Crow

This project will have a large six foot crow overlooking the wetlands. The idea behind this is that crows fly through this area in such copious amounts that it is hard to ignore their existence. Having a crow look over the wetlands reminds those that see it that the wetlands, like the crows, cannot be ignored.

Artist Statement

Since I’ve moved up to the Bothell area I was immediately aware of the large impact that crows have on the community. If you look up into the sky at dusk you can watch vast murders of crows fly over the area for minutes on end. They are impressive creatures from their striking features and elevated intelligence. My new found fondness of crows was the inspiration for this project. By having a crow sitting with a pleasant disposition with her head slightly upward and turned to the side makes her look quiet and regal as she looks over her area. The pleasant disposition makes her look more as a mother would look over her children rather than a leader looking over their domain. It was important for me to give this crow a benevolent disposition which I felt was most easily attained through its body language while sitting rather than having it take off in flight or crouched which would give it an appearance of aggression.


Sculpture foam costs about 30 per square foot. I would say that about 18 spare foot would be needed meaning about 540 dollars would be needed for the sculpture and 3 gallons of black polymer sealant would be about 180dollars.


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