This is a monument to remind us of some of our duty to the wetlands and it’s ecosystem, and how we failed that duty in the past. The plant in the monument is a representation of how despite our past failings, we can still return an area like the Bothell wetlands to it’s former beauty. Despite this, we must remember, the skull the plant is growing from. It is the skull of a Grebe, a family of waterfowl that has already lost two of it’s members to extinction, due to our failure to protect it. When someone sees this, I want them to remember what this area used to be, and what it is now, and how fragile our wetlands are.

Artist’s statement

I’ve always liked how the ecology of a wetlands works, and how complex it is. Of course, like any working machine, the more complex it is, the easier it is to break. I wanted to remind people that while we can do incredible things to replace the wetlands, certain elements will not be the same. There’s always a part of the machine that is missing.


This project will be an ongoing monument, as I want to use a real plant from the wetlands to start. It would have to be a seasonal one that would be replanted every year. As for the skull, that should be made from either wood or clay. Parts of it would be filled with dirt to allow the plant to grow. For the actual budget, it would be the cost of the clay for the skull, and then the seedling. It’s not a very expensive design at all.

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