By Sean Alm

In the envisioned work I call “Glassland”, there is a child kneeling down in the midst of a glass wetland. The child is made of metal, the plants of the wetland surrounding him/her are all made of glass. The child is reaching out to touch one of the wetland plants with a metal hand. (See sketch)

I intend this piece to evoke feelings of fragility, caring, and curiosity. I intend the work to help the viewer recognize a few things; that wetlands are a fragile ecosystem, that humans can easily ‘break’ a wetland if not careful, and also show how beautiful wetland plant-life is.

I believe that the Glassland will capture the attention and interest of anyone who gazes upon it, as well as hold the attention of frequent visitors by allowing them to interpret as they will of what the image the Glassland portrays means.

Artist’s Statement:

I am a senior year student at University of Washington, Bothell campus, in the electrical engineering department. Through a class offered on campus this quarter (Art in Public Space), I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal of wetlands and specifically the wetlands UWB’s campus neighbors. As a senior and soon to be proud graduate of UWB, I would be honored to leave a work, especially one with such an important message as this, so close to campus. As the UWB student body grows, it is my hope that the respect and appreciation for wetlands grow as well.

Preliminary budget estimates below:

Custom glasswork (materials included) = $8,000

Hollow cast iron sculpture with weather treatment (4’0” child) = $5,000

Landscaping (site preparation and installation) = $2,000


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