Stretching Our Branches

Stretching Our Branches will be a 12 ft tall stainless steel tree (to avoid rusting) on a marble top base,  that will only have one leaf. This tree will be a reminder of the positive impact that our presence has had on the Wetlands, the progress we have made and our continued pursuit to keep it healthy and thriving. The one leaf symbolizes the constant struggle to grow and serves as a reminder of our hard work and how this is only the beginning of the growth of the wetlands. Stretching Our Branches will incorporate the wholeness of nature itself and how we as a peoplTHE TREE TO USEe can successfully turn nothing into something by putting ourselves into what we believe. The size itself will bring more attention to the wetlands and be a focus point of a community and the high value we place on nature and the environment. The base will have a coat of marble on it to symbolize the strong foundation that we have made for the wetlands and the on going commitment we have stuck to.

Artist Statement:

With Stretching Our Branches I hope to communicate visually the dramatic impact we have made on the Wetlands and the impact it has made on us as a community. The Wetlands, this large place of diversity and beauty should be represented with something different and meaningful. Stretching Our Branches will show the success of the restoration project and our constant efforts to keep the wetlands strong and healthy. This sculpture will tie together our bond with the environment and represent the forever growing relationship with the Wetlands.





Stainless Steel: $3.00 per lbs

500lbs of steel = $1,500.00

Labor: $2000.00

Marble: $50.00 per sqft

21sqft of marble = $1,050

Total Cost: $4,550.00


One response to “Stretching Our Branches

  1. This is cool.

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