Simonds Spears


The wetlands of the University of Washington-Bothell are an amazing example of ecosystem restoration.  To highlight this area’s dramatic transformation over time I have created the following proposal for your consideration.  Three large angular spires emerge from a small body of water, pointing in different directions as can be seen in the attached visual representations.  The smallest represents the past and is made from weatherproof steel, the surface of which has been acid-washed to allow shallow rusting, conveying an industrial and “rough” past.  The center spire will rise out of the water perpendicularly, pointing upwards towards the sky.  This represents the present and will be carved from variegated marble (on the darker side).  A textured surface pattern similar to the skin of the endangered Northern Leopard Frog will cover the entire spire.  The third spire will point in the opposite direction of the smallest (past) and is the longest of the three.  It represents the future and will be made of stainless steel, reflecting the surrounding area as it changes over time.

My intention is to take three clashing materials of different size and marry them into the restored wetland environment.  The contrast of these materials with nature and their proximity to the Sarah-Simond Green Conservatory will hopefully encourage thoughtful contemplation on various levels.  I feel that attention will be drawn to this sculpture because of its visual impact/conflict with its natural surroundings.  The goal is not to disrupt the importance of restoration or the natural environment, rather to be present within such environment.  In this way the sculpture acts as a reminder of the past, catalyst for education in the present and reminder that the future of this (and other) environments is not clear.  The efforts of countless individuals and organizations driven by a passion to protect and cherish the environment will determine outcomes of the natural habitat we encroach upon.

Artist Statement

Supporting ecosystem recovery, maintenance and vitality in urban areas is an important cause that goes unnoticed by many, myself included.  I toured the wetlands and spent time educating myself in an effort to become more immersed in this project and to create work that surpassed desires.  My final piece is intended to stimulate thought and leave viewers with a sense or realization that mixing development with nature need not always result in its destruction.


Preliminary Budget

Weatherproof Steel                                    $18/sq ft  x  30 sq ft needed = $540.00

Variegated Marble                                    $50/sq m  x  12 sq meters needed =$600.00

Stainless Steel                                                $11/sq ft  x  50 sq ft needed = $550.00

Internal Scaffolding                                    $2,000.00

Labor & Misc.                                                $1,500.00

Approximate Total                                    $5,190.00





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