Wetlands Image

Project Proposal

My concept for the wetland sculpture deals with a silhouette of an umbrella that covers and protects the various species of animals that reside in the wetlands around our campus. In addition the umbrella represents protection to the area from further industrialization. I really wanted my sculpture to focus on the importance of the different animal species that roamed the wetland.

I made it have four levels that represent each animal that benefits from the protection of the wetland. The top is where the crow resides; I chose to use a crow because they are such a prominent part of the UW Bothell campus. The next is a woodpecker that benefits from the plentiful of trees in the wetlands. In addition I chose to use a beaver, because during our wetland tour the guides mentioned how the beavers build dams in the streams. Lastly I chose to insert a salmon because the salmon uses the various streams in the area to migrate and reproduce. All of these animals are a vital part of a healthy wetland around our campus.

I am hoping my project raises awareness for the protection and the importance each of these animals has in keeping the wetlands a healthy environment. I used the animals to be figurative, while I hoped the umbrella and raindrops provided an engaging element to the sculpture. To me the umbrella represents a shield that is given to the wetlands as the land is protected and will remain unchanged.

Artist’s Statement

People tend to forget about these animals and I wanted to remind people of the importance of these animals and the protection that we fail to bring them with this silhouette. With this sculpture I want to use the sun and have the silhouettes cast a shadow that would show the umbrella covering the animals underneath.


For this silhouette I would like to use titanium, each animal would cost around $70, while the umbrella would be around $3,000 for a 36 x 48 sheet of titanium. After the materials are gathered it would need to be cut for the shape of the umbrella which would cost anywhere to $500-1000 for labor. The total cost for this sculpture will definitely be below the $15,000 budget.


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