Livin’ in the Wetlands


Ibssa Wado

Livin’ in the Wetlands

BCUSP 191 – Art in Public Spaces


For my proposal I was aiming for something that will catch people’s attention and help them better understand the wetlands. I wanted to build something that was significant and represented the wetlands and also help people understand and appreciate nature.

I decided to build a sculpture of two ducks sitting on top of a log. The ducks are a representation of the animal life in the wetlands and the log (since wood comes from trees!) would be a representation of the plant life in the wetlands. As for the sculpture itself, I was thinking of having it stand 10-15 feet tall made completely out of bricks. The base would be the log. The log will have a circumference of about 20 feet and stand about 3 feet tall. The remainder of the sculpture is the ducks sitting on top of the log. The ducks themselves will be about 7-12 feet tall.

Artist Statement

When I was deciding on what I wanted my sculpture to be, I had to greatly consider what the wetlands meant to me and its importance is in our world. Many people don’t understand the significance of the wetlands and how important its restoration is. The wetlands are home to many different plant life and animal life and its diversity is something that makes it amazing. Working with the wetlands had definitely helped me appreciate nature much more.


Bricks – ($400 per thousand) About 2,000-3,000 bricks = $800-$1200

Cement Mortar – $200



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