Cleansing the Community


Proposal: Title-Cleansing the Community

The art piece I wish to create is a fiberglass, semi-transparent arch that has dark colors at the top slowly fading into the almost clear glass at the bottom. Metal, hollow piping will be used to frame both sides of the arch to keep the flowing water contained and also to bring the water back up to the top of the arch. Openings in the piping at the top of the arch will allow it to run down over the top of the glass into the metal grates at the bottom. The circulation of water and the lights surrounding the base of the arch will be powered by solar panels placed nearby. The base will be made of concrete, with a water pump underneath to circulate the water. The arch will be roughly 5 or 6 feet tall and about two feet wide. I wish to address the concern that rapid urbanization is reducing our natural wildlife, especially wetlands. I wish to bring to light the unique function the wetlands has of absorbing pollutants and disposing of them. This function is crucial because it purifies the surrounding land of pollutants, making it a more healthy living area.

Artist Statement: I had never given much thought to the wetlands before this year. However, upon studying it and taking the tour of the wetlands, I began to see what a vital part of the community it is. Before my opinion was that it was just a piece of land, and I did not see the special value it holds. It is my belief that the general population does not understand the importance of the wetlands to the surrounding community, and the number of benefits it has for our living environment. I wish to raise awareness of this with the hope that more people will take action to preserve this beautiful and important ecosystem.


4 sheets of ¼” plywood: $50

UV protection-varnish: $60

5 gallons of epoxy: $160

Roll of fiberglass cloth- “roving”: $200

60’ of ½” rebar: $30

Fountain kit: $60

Concrete: $200

Gloves: $15

Rollers: $20

2 circular lights: $60

2 metal grates: $60

Solar panels: %1,500

Total: Roughly $3,000


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