Project Rebirth

Jake Hwang                                                                                                          December 6, 2012


Call for Artists – The Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory Sculpture

My finalized proposed design for The Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory Sculpture is a statue that features a few symbolic meanings and definitions behind its physical barriers. I am most interested in the vast animal and plant species that reside in the wetland area. Seeing that the wetland of UWB is a restoration project, it should be emphasized that this ecosystem is rebuilding and more importantly, will continue to grow. The every design detail of my sculpture is used to introduce different ideas and concepts into the minds of the viewer. Physically, the sculpture is an egg with the upper top portion missing and with different plant species sprouting from it. The entire thing is lifted and cradled by a system of roots that eventually blends in with the ground.  The material of choice is metal that would not rust or release any harmful chemicals into the environment. The dimensions of the sculpture are 3 by 3 feet.

To symbolically represent a strong, growing, and yet very fragile ecosystem I have chosen to revolve my sculpture around the idea of an egg. The egg, in itself, means birth and life and I felt like it goes with the concept. On the outside, it appears sturdy and stable, however if one portion of the egg is harmfully removed then the entire thing fail and inside contains the complex element of life and the potential of growth, much like what a wetland is. The use of metal and shaping it into the nested roots symbolizes the relationship between humans (metal) and nature (roots).

The entire sculpture will be cast in bronze metal. I estimate the sculpture will weigh approximately no more than 33.156 pounds. Taking this into consideration, bronze has a cost between 3 to 4 dollars a pound so for the cost of the amount of bronze needed for the project is $132.63.egg(Sketch concept)


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