The Wetlands – “Nature’s Kidneys”

Jared Dick

“Nature’s Kidneys”

Art in Public Spaces

Wetlands Project – Proposal

            The exuberant properties exhibited by the UW Bothell wetlands are extensive but when asked about them on campus, students can seldom name any of the benefits. One of the main things I wanted to focus on for this project was raising awareness of not only the wetlands themselves, but also a single, beneficial, property that stands out to me the most. After critically reading an informative article on pacific northwestern wetlands, I was able to understand and grasp the main functions of wetlands and what they do for surrounding ecosystems and land forms. Naming wetlands “Nature’s Kidneys” seemed to stick with me and I wanted to find a way to portray this in a project. The wetlands are a sort of filtration system for the local waterways and from doing this prevents pollutants and other hazardous, human, waste from entering salmon spawning grounds and much more. For my project I am erecting a functional, permanent, informational sign that catches the eye unlike some of the other ones inside the wetlands that has a mural as well as paragraph explaining the filtration properties of the wetlands. Raising awareness to this extraordinary feature will help formulate critical thinking of the wetlands and just how important they are to the world around us.


Wetlands Project – Artist Statement

            On the first couple weeks of school I had no idea about the wetlands. Thinking of these wetlands as smelly swamps, I was badly mistaken. Walking through the areas with trails I noticed that there were certain features of great importance that were not labeled. The informational signs and kiosks are almost always found at natural wonders and other historic sites and I wanted to take a spin on this and make the sign more permanent and catching to the eye; this way people would be more inclined to look and hence more inclined to learn. This project is all about raising awareness to the wetland’s restoration and now that they have been restored people need to know why and how this can benefit the world around us. Becoming part of the chain of knowledge is something that many students need so this project is to enlighten them.

Wetlands Project – Preliminary Budget

            The cost of my project is very low because of the use of simple materials. In order to keep the base and stand permanent, I am using stone instead of wood. Stone and brick are at most $6 dollars a square foot and my project will only be 3 feet tall. For the back of the sign I need a square piece of plywood that is moisture resistant. Buying this is $12 dollars. From there I can put the mural on the wood and cover it with hard plastic which will only be $10. The most expensive part of the project is the engraved, metal, plaque. One made out of titanium, which is resistant to harsh weather and is 6×12, is $90. Overall my project will be around $150 to $200 depending on shipping costs.

wetlands concept


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