The Stream of Life

 I.         A written proposal : Wetland Warning Fireplace- the Stream of life

a. Half of the wetland in our state is in danger meaning they no longer prove fertile place for plants in wetlands. Sine people rarely pay attention and to most of artworks on campus, not to mention spending time to really sympathize and think about the meaning of artworks, I want to design for something that has an common function in people’s life such that people can enjoy its function and art meaning.  And thus, I was inspired to design a fireplace. The fireplace sits in the central of a stone table (natural surface of earth), such that people stand around with a cup of coffee and talk.  While usually there is nothing but carbon/wood in the fireplace, there are mental flowers and plants in the fireplace (made of glass), symbolizing the flower and plants in wetland are in danger. On the table there will be words “Wetland-the stream of life” inscribed on the table. The entire art piece should give people an impression of natural and classic while make people feel the burning of wetland.

b.  I really want people to take a quiet moment and just think about this situation and I think the function that a fireplace provides would be perfect.

c. For the photo, to give an idea of how the glass fireplace looks like, I used clay for my flower and used read paint to color the flower. And I also used different leaves and flower seeds gathered from wetland. To display the effect, I put fluid around it and lighted.

 II.   An artist’s statement 

The purpose of this fireplace is that while people are getting warm from fireplace, they can also take a quite moment and think about how the plants in wetland is in danger as they visualize.

III.  A preliminary budget

  1. Fireplace should range from $7,000-$15,000 based on price search.




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  1. This post is composed by Zexian Wang.

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