The Lung of the Earth


  For the wetland project, I used a few of branches and put them to together and look like a lung. The burning of cigarettes in opposite side becomes another part of lung; it means that the part of lung is already destroying. For the real project, I would like to use clay to build these cigarettes because it should be easy to keep the project. In addition, because of the trend of the burning cigarettes toward to the health lung, it also shows us we must to protect the wetland. However, after I made it, I felt the fresh branches could not to express the ideal; therefore, I used clay to paste the surface of the branches and make it look better. In fact, this poster is the plan of project. The real project should have foundation to support the project and make the project have more visualization. In addition, the whole project should be use clay to building.

Artist’s Statement:
The ideal of this project is that making a contact between the human and wetland. As we know, wetland could be a lung for the earth because it provides fresh air more than forest. However, people did not recognize the function of wetland and destroy them in many ways. The purpose of my project is that I want to tell people the wetland is really important for natural environment, protect it is to protect our self. In addition, the cigarettes in poster should be a warning to imply the wetland in the world is already in endangered. Therefore, I put the burning of cigarettes and branches together and to show my ideal of wetland.



  Two clays: $7.00

  Wood foundation: $50.00

  Branches: Free from garden.

Total budget: $50.00~$70.00


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