Artist Statement

For the wetland project, I am looking at the concept of importance and beauty of wetlands. After I took the tour of the wetland, my understanding of the wetlands became more important because guides who work for wetland for more than 10 years told us that wetlands play an essential part in the regulation of river flow, they filter pollutants and fertilizers, and also they are spawning zones for some species of fish and also provide a habitat for animals, plants, insects, batrachians and birds. However At one point, wetlands were thought to be a waste of outdoor space for; these areas were often drained to make way for roads, shopping mall, golf course and farmlands, etc… Importance of wetland is without wetlands, thousands of species of animals and plants would become extinct. And floods and pollution would be much worse. I want people to know that wetland is vital havens for wildlife and fantastic places for people to enjoy. I decided to use symbol of wetland as “Salmon “and I am going to make a wire sculpture of it. Reason why I decided to create Salmon is that it is the best represent wetland because they are a force for nature, economies and communities in Washington and throughout the north Pacific. Salmon travel from open water into bays, rivers and streams. These ocean-fed fish become a foundation of the food web in the waters and on the lands around them. Forests and hundreds of plant and animal species from tiny insects to squirrel to trees depend on the nutrients salmon bring back from the sea.


The wire sculpture of salmon will be about 1.5meter tall, made out of wires. I will use a MIG welding wire which can be purchased from welding shops called ER5356 (Lincoln Super Glaze .0625″). It is shiny and springy, so it gives the best finished product. I will use 20 rolls MIG welding wires.


It cost ER5356-030-16 Welder’s Choice Aluminum Mig Welding Wire $145.84 X 20 = $2916.8


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