Travis  Wetlands Project BCUSP 191 Reflections

Travis Beauchamp


Sarah Simonds Conservatory Project


Title: Reflections


The sculpture will be made from blown glass and mounted to a pedestal of concrete that will be covered in abstract shapes of broken mirror that will be set into the concrete base, which will reflect back the broken images of the rain drop itself and the surrounding campus and wetlands environment.   The sculpture will be 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide essentially from all directions.  The small drops that protrude from the splash will be connected with thin but strong wire.

Artists Statement:

The intention of this sculpture is to draw attention to the importance that clean water sources play in our lives and the future of this planet.  Without wetland areas such as North Creek wetlands at the UW Bothell campus the amount of fresh drinking water available to the world would be drastically reduced.  This sculpture is intended to represent the role these wetlands play in the hydrologic cycle, and the importance that places like North Creek Wetlands play to the greater environment.  The species directly supported by the wetlands environment are innumerable, and include Beavers, Herons, Salmon, and countless plant species.  It is hoped that the sculpture will cause the viewer to reflect on the environment around them while at the same time showing the broken state of our ecosystem and the damage we continue to perpetrate in the name of higher learning.


5-day glass blowing studio rental: $2700 ($540×5)


150lbs Opaque Aqua glass stock: $6000 ($40×150)


2 cubic yards of concrete: $150


Mirror: $25


Wire: $50


Wood for concrete form: $50


Rebar for concrete structure: $50


Budget Total: $9025.00




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