Purifications Tranquility

 Purification Tranquility Proposal

By Erica J. Landa

Picture now                                                                     Where Do Our Spills Go? Into our rivers, wetlands and lakes.

 Thankfully, our wetlands purify this “runoff” water so when it goes  back into our swimming and drinking water pollutants aren’t there to harm us.


Concept: I propose to make a wall water fountain feature that gives insight and feelings.  The water feature will have a colorful background that will mock the colors made by an oil spill, which represents the “runoff” water that is purified by our wetlands. Water will flow from top to bottom being caught in the rounded ledges, which I intended to represent the function the wetlands characteristic of storing excess water to prevent flooding. Finally, I hope my fountain allows viewers to feel a sense of peacefulness, which I believe the wetlands do when you explore them. Not only is it powerful to learn the amazing characteristics of our North Creek Wetlands, it’s also important to enjoy its tranquility.

Artistic Statement: As a University Washing Bothell student it has taken me three years to realized the wonderful characteristics the wetlands have. Fortunately, with just one tour and a little research I learned more amazing things about it then I ever thought imaginable. What is so great about my public art piece is that it’s been put together in thought of being able to share these amazing characteristics of the wetlands with its visitors, so they can learn as much as possible when they come to visit.  It was hard to pick just a few characteristics to focus on but I found that the wetlands purification, water retention and relaxing features to be the most impactful. Its very interesting how the wetlands take in our “runoff” polluted water and purifying it. That amazed me and I knew that it would amaze other people within our community as well. I also wanted to share with my community how the wetlands absorb all our excess water, to help depress flooding. I not only wanted to provoke thought with this piece but also have the viewers feel something that the wetlands made me feel: relaxation. I really want people to have a deeper and more one sensational experience when they viewed my art and visited the wetlands.

Preliminary Budget:

Material Cost
1 Gallon: Rainbow Patina      69.00
0.027 Copper sheet 72”x 96’’    327.00
Five fountain lights    100.00
Fountain Pump Set 1,250.00
ProtectaClear (copper Seal)      65.00
Steal Sheet 62’’x 108’’ & 72’’x 96’’ 2,150.00
Total Approximate Cost $3,961.00



picture 666



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