Nature Restoring Humans

Nature Restoring Humans


When developing the concept for this sculpture, I spent a lot of time thinking about the restoration effort and how people restored the wetlands. However when I began to learn more about the wetlands it became clear that the wetlands, in fact, were restoring the people and the community. With this concept in mind, I decided to create a piece that would represent the importance of the wetlands in restoring the people in the community. I have planned to create a sculpture of a transparent human figure with large branches twisting throughout imitating veins. At the base of the sculpture will be a three-tiered platform that will wrap around, creating seating for visitors and transforming the sculpture into a focal point. The base will be filled with an imitation soil, and viewers will be able to see the “veins” extending from the bottom of the human figure down into the “soil”. The branches representing the veins will also be fake, for practical reasons. The human figure and steps will be constructed of a sturdy glass, for transparency. The human figure will be four feet tall, allowing room for a small base underneath the figure as well as the two 18 inch tall steps that will provide seating for the visitors. The sculpture will convey the way that the wetlands heal and restore us, and by incorporating seating will also allow visitors to feel as if they are part of that restoration.




Artists Statement

            This project was especially captivating to me because as an Environmental Studies major, I am constantly learning new things about wetlands, and specifically the North Creek wetlands, that deepen my understanding and appreciation for the site. In a Wetlands Discovery class, I did a lot of research on the ecosystem benefits the wetlands provide and realized just how much the community benefits from its presence. I decided to incorporate this knowledge into the conservatory sculpture, in the hopes that people would be able to relate to the wetlands and feel a connection to this valuable resource.


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