Movement of the Land

Movement of the Land

Gia Linh Nguyen



When we think about the wetland we don’t consider it “beautiful” compared to other natural habitat. We see images such as swamp where it isn’t physical appealing to the eyes, which cause us to change our perspective when it comes to the importance of wetland ecosystem services. For this project I focused on it aesthetic appeal, but still emphasize the hydrological cycle and it importance in the wetland. Hydrological cycle is all about the movement; as a result I wanted to create a project that focus on the water movement to represent the ideas of rain and water flow within the river. For us to appreciate the wetland we must see how “beautiful” it is by understanding it affect on biodiveristy and ecosystem services.

For this project I want to use as much natural materials as possible to create the structure by using bamboo stems to built the structure for the water movement. It involves water falling from one bamboo stem to another and at the end of the transportation the water will be empty into a small fountain, where the bottom of the fountain design using different type of stone to create images of plant.

Artist Statment

I never realized the values within the biological and physical characteristic of the wetland until the day I visited the wetland myself. Going there I was able to see how species interact within the habitat of the land. Furthermore, I had the chance to comprehend the movement of the land itself by hearing noises of the river and branches falling, which inspired me to design this project. For this piece I hope people feel the experience of movement of the land just not with the eyes, but the sound as well.


Most of the money will be spend on the materials creating the piece, but also the manual hours labor that being spent on by creating the piece. Around 300 dollars will be spent on the bamboos to create the structure of the project, and 300 dollars on stones to create the base of the project where the water will be captured. We must consider the cost of other materials to create the pond such as concrete and the materials to use to install the bamboos to create the structure of the project. Partial of the money being spend is on the manual labor is putting in depend on how long it takes to do built the piece. Overall the piece shouldn’t exceed the 15,000 dollars budget limit.


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