Keeping Our Homes Dry


Proposal: For my wetlands project I wanted to focus on the importance wetlands have to containing excess rain water to prevent flooding in surrounding areas. My intention is to show how they act as a sponge to store water from excessive rain storms. This will bring attention to the importance that the Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory SculptureĀ  is meant to portray along with showing the work that they have done with restoring our wetlands on the UWB/CCC campus by incorporating native plants and shrubbery that are there in the wetlands so that visitors can get closer looks at the plants that we have out there if they are not lucky enough to be able to go on a muddy tour that are always offered. My piece will be made of concrete so it is able to stand our weather conditions along with having a flood frame to help create the structure I in-vision. There will be a water fall behind a piece of blue tinted fiber glass that will flow down into the small pond in the plating bed at the bottom. The water will then pump back up and continuously cycle through. I in-vision the planting bed to have plants that we have brought into the restoration wetlands around our campus, this will require a little upkeep but should not be too excessive.


Artist Statement: I feel that most people do not see wetlands as having a purpose beside being a habitat for many animals that live in and around them. I have done a lot of research on the importance of them and what stood out most to me is how the wetlands act as a natural sponge that soak up excess rain water to avoid flooding in urbanized areas surrounding them. Through my piece I hope that people can gain a better understanding on how important these wetlands are to our community which will help better protect and preserve them in the future.


Preliminary Budget:




Wood 100
Fiber Glass 200
Paint 100
Water Pump 100
Plants/ dirt 200
Concrete 300
Total Cost $1,000




*This is just an estimate



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