Deep Roots

Project Statement


               The proposal asked to make a sculpture that could raise awareness of the wetlands, and help open the eyes of the one-time visitor. For my sculpture I wanted to help display the disconnectedness with nature that is currently upon our vast society. For my sculpture I want to make it out of a limestone block, and sculpt it from there. The sculpture will be about 12 feet, and it will be of a hybrid human, part tree, part human. The individual will be an anonymous and the feet will turn into roots that will be dug under into the ground. From there the upper body will have the arms pointing into a “Y” shape, and the arms will turn into branches. This will help viewers realize their stance with nature, and help envision them in the sculpture place. I hope to raise the question, “where do I stand in nature?”


Artist Statement

               I was completely lost at first, didn’t know where to start what to look at. It was my confusion that led to my idea. I’ve become so enveloped in the noise of life: music, television, video games, and just anything electronic I completely lost my view of nature, literally. I wanted to take my disconnectedness and relate it to everyone, and show what a serious problem this is. I know just from pure experience, I would say most of society lives the way I do, completely distant from nature. I mean I didn’t even know we had a wetland in my neighborhood until this proposal. I’m so glad because this project not only has taught me so much, but also opened my eyes to new ideas, and I hope my sculpture can do the same.




It would cost about $11 dollars for each square meter, and I would need about 4 square meters to make a 12 foot sculpture. So it would cost about $44. 


The tools for sculpting


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