Changing Times

Project Concept:

This large (6’W X 12’H X 12’L) triangle, made out of Corten steel, is representative of the Bothell wetlands. It is abstract, and up for the viewers own interpretation. The wetlands here at Bothell started as a farmland, and have now evolved into a habitat and home for many animals and plants. The past, present, and future of these wetlands are essential for the community surrounding, especially the University of Washington Bothell.


Artist Statement:

What I really wanted out of this project was to make people think and ponder why there is a large triangle in the wetlands. I made the triangle out of Corten steel so that it would somewhat blend in with the other colors of the wetlands, but still stand out in a sense, as it is not a natural shape. The wetlands are constantly evolving, so I wanted to make this triangle extremely meaningful. Each point of the triangle represents a different time for the Bothell wetlands: the past, present, and future. In the past, it was a farmland, and people had to work long and hard to restore it into what it is today. The wetlands will keep evolving and only become more essential for animals and plants in the future.


Budget and Time Frame:

The overall cost of the Corten steel for the triangle in the wetlands will be $3000. The installation date will be November 15, 2013.


Sam CrawleyIMG_5576


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