A Mother and A Baby in The Wetlands

Beaver mother and babyI am trying to express the concept, “ecology cycle” in wetlands and the fact that beavers are making wetlands. Through my research, I learned that beavers are playing an important role for development of wetlands.

Beavers dam streams in shallow valleys, where the flooded area becomes productive wetlands. These cradles of life support diversity biologically that rivals tropical rain forests. Almost half of endangered and threatened species in North America rely upon wetlands. Freshwater wetlands have been rated as the world’s most valuable land-based ecosystem.

After I learned this fact, I got to want to create a sculpture of beaver for this project. Beaver is my best wetlands concept to raise awareness of wetlands and restoration and relate to ecology.

At first, I was planning to use clay and coloring it with paints after it gets dried but I decided to use soft color clay so that I don’t have to wait and color a sculpture after. The colors of green and blue can express wetlands, river, forest, and nature aspects.

I am hoping that a mother beaver and a baby in the bush appeals people that wetland is like animals house and their physically nourishments.

The baby in the flower expresses “new born” and starting a new life from the forest.

Budget and Installation guidelines:

The budget for this project was $28.77 including a tool, different colors of clays, and the basement panel for this sculpture. The basement panel size is four by four inch. The height of this sculpture is 4.9 inch.


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