Nurture and Growth (Wetlands Project)

Kelvin Ieng's Wetlands project.
Kelvin Ieng’s Wetlands project.
Title: Nurture and Growth

Project Statement:

For this proposal the sculpture’s purpose is to provoke thought with the one-time visitor, show the importance of the wetlands, and pay tribute to the hard work that was put into restoring the wetlands. The concept for my sculpture is mainly to represent all the hard work that was put into the wetlands. I also hope that it will also raise awareness to the effect and power we have on nature. For the actual sculpture there will be a large hand that is made out of bricks, the hands will be cupped. Inside the cupped hand there will be a large hole so that you can plant a tree inside of it. The reason I want to have it be connected to the ground, is because it takes about 1,000 ft^3 to grow a large tree that will have a long life (note 1). The scale of the project will be pretty large. The hand should at least have a circumference of about 25 feet to leave the tree room to grow and breath. The tree is a variable factor because it will grow with time. The hands are meant to represent growth and the ability to nurture and the tree represents nature as a whole.  This will help visitors of the sculpture realize their effect on nature, nature importance as a whole, and pay tribute to those who worked hard on restoring the wetlands.

Artist Statement:

I’ve learned so much from this project; from how distant I am from nature to the beautiful characteristic that live in nature. When I was brainstorming for this sculpture I had the hardest time, and it was due to my lack of knowledge of the wetlands and also lack of knowledge of nature in general. I took a walk down to the wetlands and I was so mesmerized. This whole different world just was a five minute walk from where I did my work. I walked along a large stream that had salmon swimming upstream, I saw different plants and tree’s I’ve never ever seen before, and then I thought to myself this might of not been here if it wasn’t for the hard work that the individuals of UWB put into restoring the wetlands. Thus sparked my drive to pay tribute to their hard work and also represent the importance of nature.

Budget: (Limit $15,000)
It cost about $0.29 for a 4in.x2in.x8in. red concrete brick. 2000 x $0.29 = $580.
Oak tree spruce = $17
Sealants for the bricks = $17 x 10 = $170

Note 1


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