Woodlawn Optical

Woodlawn Optical 4Woodlawn Optical 1

Woodlawn Optical 3Alexaner Gaston,

Yee Man Liu,

Menbere Mulate,

Linh Nguyen, and

Rachel Xie

BCUSP 191: Art and Public Space


– The piece is made up of a cardboard structure covered over with green paper
– There are two cardboard pieces that interlock, via a slit from the top to the middle on one and a slit from the middle to the bottom on the other, to make the 3D shape of a heart.  Each of these heart pieces of cardboard are approximately 12×13 inches

– Two shades of green paper cover the piece, arranged in a random, natural-looking order, completely covering the cardboard
– Light green pieces cover the edges of the cardboard hearts
– Hundreds of tabs, which vary between the lighter and darker green, cover the front sides of each heart
– They are cut into thin strips, resembling the branches or pine-needles of a wreath
– The back is covered in a paper of the same light green color as the edge-covers

– “Ornaments” made of shiny red wire decorate the bushy face of the project
– Evenly distributed throughout the panels, there are fourteen wire ornaments that represent different aspects of Main Street as well a the businesses on it: Two people, a car, a hairbrush, a chair, an ice cream cone, a shirt, a steaming cup of coffee, a spoon, an envelope, a dollar sign, a musical note, a wine bottle, and a pair of glasses.
– This last ornament represents the business that we got ideas from and worked                with on this project: Woodlawn Optical
– Each of these ornaments is attached to the project with a similar wire, which is punched through the structure of the project and artistically curled on the other side to prevent it from slipping out

– The project is intended to look like a Christmas wreath or similar festive decoration
– This reflects the community aspect of Main Street by imitating the seasonal decorations that are put up
– The heart shape design is based off of the vendor’s idea that “Main Street in the heart of the town”


One of our biggest goals in this project was not only to find a creative way of representing Main Street and incorporating our vendor’s thoughts, but also to find a project that we could all be working to construct simultaneously.  It is nice to come up with a great idea, but if only one or two people can actually construct it, then the work balance feels off and the project loses morale, becoming less fun and thus losing much of the possible creativity of the other group members.  Although our project ultimately took over twenty-five man-hours to complete, I think that we all accomplished our goal of working together on it all at once, becoming invested into it, and also having fun.

Created for Woodlawn Optical

10112 Main St. Suite 102

Bothell, WA 98011



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