Steps towards Conservatory

Arts Proposal: Steps Towards Conservatory

Hung Yu Lai ”Mitch”


Professor Gary Carpenter


In order to raise awareness for the wetland on Bothell campus, I’ve designed a trail on campus so that students and faculties on campus can easily notice. The trail is in the shape of the American White Pelican’s footprint. The reason I chose this is because it is a wetland bird often in the Wetlands of North America. In the shape of the footprint, I will plant grass and AsclepiasIncarnata (one of beautiful wetland weeds). By walking across campus, a student can easily notice the trail heading to the wetland. This not only raises the awareness but also reminds of precious wetlands the need to take care of the environment.

Artist’s Statement

Wetlands are a precious resource for our planet earth. The global warming and intensive climate change over the years, reduced wetlands greatly. Fortunately, University of Washington Bothell shared a piece of wetlands with Cascadia Community College. Our campus students often forget about the wetland since few of them understand the challenge of taking care of it. Thus, I’m here to raise awareness for those who do not understand the environmental and ecological benefits of wetlands to our planet Earth.


The mass of this concept can be in widely different form. It can be in the size of a miniature garden or simply as a trail of footprint. As for the original idea, the cost of the entire project can be minimal. We can simply dig out a portion of concrete and fill it in with soil. Although the swamp weed is a native wetland plants, it can be easily transplanted to regular soil.


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