Rain City Wines

Rain City Wines Rain City Wines 2Balanced Depth

Andrea Fisher, Terrance Berg, Nick Reynolds, Sam Crawley


Project Concept

Italian-American, Santo Roman is the proud independent owner of Rain City Wines on Main Street in Bothell. Santo specializes in international wines, particularly those from Italy; he has a strong passion for wines from his homeland. Weaving together Santo’s views of Main Street with that of his prideful love for Italy, Balanced Depth began to take flight. Santo was adamant about loving the close-knit community of Main Street and how that reminded him of Italy. With limited resources for the project, we decided to use a 2,300 page Italian-English dictionary as the foundation for our project. The lengthy book gave us a substantial amount of space to work with on the exterior of the book.  Inscribing the word “Vino”, which means wine, into the side of the Italian-English dictionary ties together the following what is essential to this storeowner. The book incorporates both of Santo’s residencies, giving him the ability to keep both of his homes and family close to his heart. Permanently branding “Vino” into the side of the book symbolizes his obvious love for wine; as a wine merchant, he links Italian vino to America.

Artist’s Statement

Together, we (Nick Reynolds, Terrance Berg, Andrea Fisher, and Sam Crawley) decided to create a project that catered to Santo Roman’s lifestyle. His love for wine and the industry permeates from his being; his knowledge about his products is abundant. We initially wanted to fold a word into the Italian-English Dictionary, but soon found that it was far too difficult. After many failed ideas and attempts, we found a way to brand words into the side of the book. Mending his culture with Main Street seemed like a bit of a daunting task, but we feel that through this project, we were able to fully capture both.

Created for Rain City Wines

10137 Main Street, Suite #6 Bothell, WA 98011
(206) 890-0535


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