Pro Hair Design

Pro Hair Design 1 Pro Hair Design 2 Pro Hair Design 3Qilin Zeng and Ben Li


                                                   “Main Street Hair”

Project concept

The concept and intention of our project is trying to combine the idea of Main Street with the beauty of hair style; we want to use artistic way to present the feature of Main Street. In order to achieve this goal, Ben Li and I visited Pro hair design salon and made a short conversation with one of the barber (I forget to spell his name), when we asked about his opinion about the term “Main Street”, he gave us a brief description that “Main Street” usually intends the most famous street in city or town, and this street needs to be characteristic in the society. Literally, “Main Street” could also mean a kind of spirit or thought which is acceptable by the main stream. We realized that was a good explanation and we would able to take these idea in our project. After that, the Barber told us that different hair style could represent different personalities; it’s a very visual sense of beauty. Ben Li and I thought it would be interesting to mix hair on head with “Main Street” on one horizontal plane. When we shared this idea with the Barber, he was very exciting, we thought it is not only advertising the salon but also describe the concept of “Main Street”. Again, our main purpose of this project is to combine the visual beauty of hair style with the inward spirit of “Main Street”. The sculpture that we made is a head with hair, and it easy to find out a street on it. It perfectly symbolizes the feature of hair style and Main Street and both I and Ben Li thought it is appropriate to stick out our theme.

Artist’s statement

Before we come up with final idea to create this project, Ben Li and I spent lot of time on think about other possibilities to make our project better. But eventually we decide to use different kinds of paper to make our project and follow the requirement. We do a lot of research on finding how to organize the color of our project, how to make it more accretive. we used color paper to make hair on the “head”, in the middle, we made a street and “build” a lot of buildings around it to represent the idea of “Main Street”. In conclusion, our project is very easy and visual to understand, “Main Street” stands in the middle of people’s head and the beauty of hair is also full of creativity. Both of us think that this project is successfully exploring the information the barber gives us with the concept of “Main Street”.

Created for Pro Hair Design

18223 101 Avenue Northeast

Bothell, WA 98011



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