Paul Richard’s Clothing

Paul Richards Clothing 2Paul Richards Clothing 1Characters of Main Street

by Atsumi Miyata, Jared D., Jenna Beverly, Stephenie McCray, Yukari Himi

Artists Statement

                We wanted to create something that would really signify the diversity and individuality of the stores, and people, that make Main Street so unique. Talking to our shop owner Paul Richards gave us a lot of inspiration and direction for our project. He has been on Main Street for over 30 years, and has really seen it all. One of the things he said that really stood out to us was that Main Street was a reflection of the community: That the diversity of people and interests in the community determined the shops that came and went. We incorporated these ideas into our project by using different colors, patters, and shapes for the buildings as well as by using different colors and sizes for the people. We didn’t want the concept of Paul Richard’s Clothing Store to be lost, so we had the spiral originate from a top hat to tie our Main Street concepts back to our original store. Our project is a representation of the ever-changing diverse culture of Main Street.


                For our Main Street project, we wanted to incorporate the theme of Paul Richards clothing store with the concept on Main Street. This is why the base of our project will be a top hat, similar to the fancy attire sold in Paul Richard’s Clothing Store. The hat will be made of a wire skeleton covered by black paper, and we will cut quirky swirls into the paper to give the hat style and depth. The top of the hat will be open, and a large wire will be spiraling out of it. At the top of this spiral will be a platform with green grass made of shiny origami paper and a collection of buildings in a diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes. These will be made of cut outs of a thick pattered paper. This will represent a concept that store owner Paul Richards introduced to us, that it is the diversity of each individual shop that gives Main Street its character and heart. Along the spiral leading to these buildings, there will be small cardboard people covered in metallic origami paper, who will differ in size and color. These will represent the people of Main Street, the community of Bothell, and the diversity of the people. The people will be making their way up to the buildings that represent Main Street.

Created for Paul Richard’s Clothing

10127 Main Street,

Bothell, WA 98011



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