Mills Music

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The World of Music: Mill’s on Main


This piece of art is a representation of what mills music means to main street Bothell. The globe represents a whole world of music, the street represents main street Bothell, and the instruments represent the variety that Mills Music has to offer. We wanted to convey the small town heart that Mills music represents, along with its large universal selection that it has to offer. Mills Music is a universal music store with the heart of a small town music shop.

Artist’s Statement

We chose to take on Mills Music on Main Street. During our interview, we asked what being on Main Street in Bothell meant to them and the response we received was “It means the world to us.” This stood out to us while we were in our design phase and concluded that this was one of the main statements we wanted to display. We wanted to make this the center of attention by taking a globe and putting Main Street around the equator and Mill’s Music taking up the upper portion of it.


Wire: $2.99 x2

Recycled Newspaper: Free

5lb bag of flour: $3.64

Created for Mills Music

10120 Main Street
Bothell, WA 98011



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