FrameWright Custom Picture Framing

Circle of Life 4

Circle of Life 1

By Danny Nguyen, James Clugston, Kelvin Ieng, Jake Hwang, Ibssa Wado, and Steven Santino

Project Description

            When we first visited Framewright, Ken Stodola welcomed us, and all of us know that the sculpture has no restrictions and the sky is the limit. After some debate, our group came up with the concept for a project that has “community” as its primary focus, since that’s what ken believes his main street is. Following through with the idea, we decided to construct a circular sculpture that measured out to be an approximately 6-inch radius. The structure was made up of single pieces of 400 triangular origami papers. Each paper triangle can be used to fit into other paper triangles and collectively, they are able to make a sturdy structure.

Artist’s Statement

To symbolically represent a strong and unified community we have purposefully planned for the project to contain the circle and triangle shapes because of the fact that these two shapes are the two strongest shapes available. A single paper triangle represents a person, who is both strong and independent. However, when all of the triangles get together and become one, the triangles become even stronger as a group. The circular shape of the project also revolves around the idea of infinity or continuity. Everyone shares the experience the short cycle of life. Every second of everyday, there is someone who is being born and someone who has died. This cycle of life is infinite and will continue to progress. The single material that is used in the project is multi-colored origami paper. The reason behind this is because even through origami papers are fundamentally homogeneous when they are new, the papers can also be folded into other complex shapes and forms.  This idea can also be used to describe a human. Every human starts life the same – as a baby that does not know anything. As time grows on so does the person and through the different ages of life the person will experience different things that will have an impact upon that person; by the end, the every person has been transformed in to unique being.

Created for FrameWright Custom Picture Framing

10101 Main St., Bothell, WA. 98011



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