Brew and We Honey Do

Coffee connectionCoffee connection 2Coffee connection 3Coffee connection 4

Title – Coffee Connection

Project concept – Our project will be placed in a networking room in downtown Bothell between two businesses owned by the same owner – the names of the businesses are ‘Brew’ and ‘We Honey do’. Networking and giving back are important philosophies to owner Eric Metzger. The Project consists of several types of coffee mugs/ cups that are arranged in an interweaving manner, in an effort to reflect Eric’s philosophies. We also decided to use golden and white tissue to represent, wealth and important information, and flowing coffee respectively. Main Street, to him, means the interaction and connection that he spoke about.

Artist’s statement – As a group, we decided that coffee cups accurately reflected the tone of the coffee house. We used only red, silver and gold colors, because we felt it would be a nice bright contrast to the predominantly brown, cozy theme of the coffee shop. Each coffee cup is unique since every group member created one independently and we came together to put the final structure together.  The artists are Erica Landa, Isabella Hellstrand, Suman Jampala, Sean Alm, Mitch Lai.

Created for Brew and We Honey Do

10035 Main St
Bothell, WA 98011


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