Alexa’s Cafe

Alexas Cafe 1Alexas Cafe 3

Building Relationships

Team Names: Becca Dill, Janell Morley, Talha Mangrio, Jessica (Zexian) Wang, Mathew Fix

Concept: We wished to illustrate that Alexa’s Café, being on Main Street, is surrounded by the Bothell community and the people in it. We formed a coffee mug to symbolize Alexa’s Café, using colored paper to match the decorum of the walls inside. To represent the community as a whole, certain articles highlighting people or groups in Bothell were chosen and pasted around the coffee mug. We wished to incorporate the owner’s view of Main Street as a family oriented community.

Artist Statement: As a group, we felt that Main Street is the center and representation of Bothell. People in the community come together to shop or dine while spending time with friends or family. Through our art we wish to highlight the positive goals that can be accomplished as a community, and show that a town is made of people, not buildings.

Created for Alexa’s Cafe

10115 Main Street

Bothell, WA 98011



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