Semelparity - Frontview Semelparity - Sideview

The salmon following the egg (which follows the salmon in turn) represents the ongoing cycle which is inherent to their species. As the salmon lays eggs and eventually dies, so do the eggs grow up to become salmon, replacing their parents and continuing the cycle.  This concept also ties into the circle of life, as when the wheel is turned, it shows one stage of salmon returning to the earth and the next stage arising.  Also, the inclusion of a bicycle wheel instead of a normal wheel instills the idea that using bicycles help the Salmon continuity because run off from fuel based vehicles harm salmon.  The core concept of this project is all about continuity and the value of life, which is a central tenet of the restoration project.

Artist’s Statement

As I watched the beautiful salmon in the wetlands swim against the current, I thought about them and their role on earth. I couldn’t but help think of their breeding cycle, and how after struggling for so long, they gave birth to eggs that would repeat the same cycle after them. I wanted to use a circle to represent this ever continuing continuity.  Also, a circle will make it more visual and increase interaction with the viewing public. I wanted the transformation from the salmon to the egg to be real and visceral, with the re-transformation back to the salmon tangible.

Preliminary Budget

1)      Salmon (to be sculpted and painted ochre red) – 100$

2)      Egg – 50$

3)      Cardboard – 35$

4)      Bicycle wheel – 30$

5)      Metal stand and knob – 150$

6)      Services for attaching all these materials together – 100$


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