Apple to Oranges

Apples to Oranges Image

Group Artist statement:

Our group is looking at the concept of fences and boundaries and how the boundary of race plays a role in the daily lives of many people in America and around the globe. The subject of racial discrimination is one that is still a very contentious subject in American life. We have chosen this image to depict these invisible boundaries that people of color encounter in their lives. We are attempting to convey the experience of the marginalized people in our society and just how much of an impact being the “other” in a society that values conformity can have on a persons psyche and outlook on life. To convey the stark realities of not fitting the pre conceived notions of what it means to be white, or a person of color in our society is a difficult task. We hope to accomplish this by establishing that we are all on the fence when it comes to fitting into society whether it be due to race, class or socio economic status.
The stark image of the dirty concrete on one side of the concrete wall “fence” can be seen as the desolation and emptiness one feels when they are left out of the group while the green moss growing through the concrete conveys the humanness we all have in common at the core. The contrasting side of the wall is intended to convey the richness and warmth associated with being accepted as a valued member of society regardless of your racial classification. This is in no way intended to convey the idea of colorblindness or “the melting pot” because this marginalizes the lives and experiences of many people in our society. To not give acknowledgment to the role that race plays in our lives whether it is privilege or prejudice is to ignore the reality that millions of people encounter on a daily basis.

Project Description/Conceptual concerns:

Our original intention as a group was to use children’s blocks and a ball to convey “difference” but when we entered the store we were truck by a wall of apples in the produce section and we immediately changed course and decided to use fruit as the focus of the photo shoot. The use of fruit was deemed a better choice because it is a more natural material and the fact that children’s toys would most likely just be thrown away after the shoot, the artists can consume the fruit. We also felt that the wasteful nature of the original concept was against our morals.
There are no real conceptual concerns for this project. The description of the concept as well as photo itself leave it up to the viewer to decide what the meaning is behind the photo itself. Difference should be apparent if the viewer goes as far as following the QR code they would quickly understand the project for what it is.

Budget and Installation guidelines:

The budget for this project was approximately 10$ which went towards the purchase of the fruit used in the photo shoot. This project is a photograph so the installation will consist of hanging the piece on the fence in full view of those passing through the campus. The piece will be placed on the fence along the walkway where building 3 is currently being constructed so it can be viewed when passing through the campus. The proposed size of the piece would be 4ft high by 6ft wide.


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