The Choice


We wanted to explore the concept of fear, and decided to focus on a fear that will hit home with most UWB students: fear of expansion on campus. Viewers will see a sepia-toned image of the Chase House representing campus in its beginning stage. There will be a path leading from this scene that will eventually fork into two directions. One will lead to an extreme scenario, an exaggerated fear of campus expansion. The scene will consist of a cluster of futuristic buildings with minimal or no natural surroundings. The other path will lead to a scene depicting the campus as it currently is, depicting a picture of balance between modernization and nature.  Standing at the fork in the road will be a student; the student will be a generic, vague figure and will be equally distanced from each path to guarantee our work will not bias either choice. We want our viewers to interpret the benefits and consequences of both choices and decide for themselves which path they would take.

Artist Statement:
We decided to create a work exploring fear on campus because as students on the campus, we have all experienced this feeling. One of the artists took an outdoors class that was unable to reach ecologically significant areas because of the construction on campus. We also all agreed that fear can sometimes hold us back from something positive. Perhaps expansion will result in better programs on campus, more diversity, or higher event attendance. This is a controversial subject, and talking to other students on campus we saw a variety of opinions expressed about the expansions. There were positive and negative reactions, but almost all of them were passionate. This inspired us to create a work that would represent both ideas and allow viewers to choose for themselves.

Artist: Stephenie McCray, Kylani Arrington, Jenna Beverly

Budget and installation guidelines

Our project stays well inside the budget with only the use of only a large canvas, paint, and photos that are public or that we already have permission to use we can create our vision. It can be hung anywhere on the fencing where it can be displayed to the public eye and send our message.

Canvas: $70.00
Paint: $55.00
Prints: $5.00
Total: $130.00


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