Behind Closed Doors

Benind Closed Doors Poster

Mending Wall Project
Project Description and Installation Guidelines

Project Description

Our topic for this project is Gender discrimination. The concept of this project is to create a streetlight in the form of a lantern. The lanterns represent the light for females who are suffered by discriminations. The shape of the lantern is a cube built by pieces of puzzle. Each puzzle represents an individual. However, there is one puzzle underneath the lantern that is in an awkward shape; thus the puzzle represents females in our society. Each side of the cube is painted with different images, and each image represents a symbol. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of gender discrimination in our society and also symbolize a moral support for those whom are not treated fairly. The beam of light can only go through the bottom of the lantern, which is located at the missing puzzle. Therefore, every time a person walks under the beam of light, it shows support to those who are not treated fairly.
The concerns for this concept is electrical issues, this project need a light bulb and electricity to work. Therefore, power source is an important issue. If the project relies on battery or any kind of non-permanent power source, it might decrease people’s interest when it loses its power.

Budget and Installation

The main material for the lantern is paper. Paper lanterns are light and cheap. However, the choice of paper might be polish hard paper, which can block lights from each side. Furthermore, a light bulb and a permanent power source are necessary. The installation procedure is basically making it a standing lamp or attach on a wall. Be sure that the lantern is up high so people won’t bump into it. Every single lantern should be under the cost of 50 dollars.

Artist Statement

In this age of stated equality our minds have grown accustomed to this notion of freedom; so much so that we fail to realize the oppressing prejudice that affects women on a daily basis. Our goal for this project is to unveil the translucent fence of prejudice that is barring females in society from the workplace. We hope to shed light on the people who face these problems everyday through our artwork and provide an opportunity to reflect on the civil problems of the past and how they are reoccurring now. Every puzzle piece represents a different person in our society but it is the missing piece that is the most important aspect of our work. The gap creates a beam of light that can shine on an individual who may represent the missing piece and can provide comfort and sanctity in understanding and awareness.


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