The Bound Book

Danny Nguyen
Kevin Parker
James Clugston
Lock and Key
A book wrapped in chains which have become rusted and are falling apart in a section. This will be a large poster place on the fences of the construction site. The metaphor of the book and chains is that higher education isn’t as difficult to gain access to.
Artist Statement
We wanted to dispel the notion that obtaining a higher education is a monumental feet and that there are many options that can be taken that do not present a huge obstacle.
As the book is created electronically, through an open source software known as Blender, the actual expense of the project is non-existant.


One response to “The Bound Book

  1. “Access” to education and “obtaining” an education are two very different things. Each of these have major obstacles, which are, themselves, dependent on many different factors. For most U.S. citizens, “access” is not, necessarily, an issue. For most of the globe, it is. Talking about actually “obtaining” or “attaining” a higher education, on the other hand, is an altogether different issue. I would say that there are a larger number of factors at play (probably most substantially, financial) that can prevent fulfillment of the goal.

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