Spiraling Distress


We hope that viewers of Spiraling Distress can relate it to the fears they encounter in their life. In the painting, we tried to liken each fear to a resembling color.

Artists’ Statement:

As a group of student artists we all have experienced different types of fears that we believe students on our campus are also experiencing. We are not trying to solve fear, but show that as a community we are acknowledging fears, and that we are not alone in our fears. The goal is to become a stronger community that helps each other with life’s difficult encounters, before they spin out of control.

Materials & Installation:

The materials needed are: watercolor paints, watercolor canvas, Photoshop, photo canvas paper, and lamination services. The total approximate cost is $50.00. Once final watercolor painting is made, a scanned version will be uploaded to Photoshop where we will manipulate painting to final desired product. Final product will be printed on photo canvas paper, laminated and ready for display.

Artists: Erica J. Landa, Isabella Hellstrand, Sean Alm, Suman Jampala


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