Bridging Education


“Those who journey can easily understand; the more they see, the more they learn, the more that they will be. So this I swear to you and this I swear to me, I’ll never rest until I’ve seen all I can see.” –Brendan James


Bridging Education is meant to express the diversity of students at the University of Washington. The University goes to great lengths to assist international students from 105 countries in their education through multiple groups and organizations. University of Washington states, “We are committed to understanding and embracing human differences across campus while promoting inclusiveness in a constructive and positive space that encourages the expression of ideas.” By encouraging a culturally diverse learning environment, the education barriers are broken.

Artists’ Statement:

We feel that diversity in education contributes to a well-rounded university experience through cultural immersion. These influences impact and challenge what could be viewed as normal or mainstream, contributing to learning in the classroom by broadening horizons. The support of this university to international students is evident through the many programs offered that embrace inclusiveness and educational growth.

Installation and Cost:

Because we care about the environment, we will be using minimal materials to reduce cost as well as be environmentally friendly. The project, Bridging Education, consists of a 24” X 36” stretched canvas that emphasizes the benefits of diversity in education through the painting of a globe. Our group believes this poster should be installed on a common pathway at the University of Washington Bothell, so it can be noticed by all walking by. This will be at minimal cost to the University of Washington Bothell. The Fredrix Gallerywrap 24” X 36” canvas costs $23, the Winsor & Newton Artist Paints that will be used cost $36, and the Charles Leonard Paint Brushes cost $12. The total cost of the project will be $71.

For further information on how the University of Washington Bothell caters to diversity in education, visit: .

Terance, Nick, Andrea, Frank, Sam


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