The Stranger

This is our proposal for the Mending Wall. Through this link you will find the image proposal as well as the project and artist statement.

The Stranger

Project Statement: There are numerous amounts of unspoken social issues that people have to face daily. This project is primarily focused on the mental well-being of newly released ex-prisoners and their overall mindset of their new freedom. Being in prison for extended periods of time will have major impacts on the social interactions of the released individual. In the back of their minds the prison life is all they know. With that in mind, this leads majority of the individuals to be re-incarcerated. The location of the proposed sculpture should be placed in the most open area of the campus on the construction fences, to utilize the sun and shadow effect. The main point is to iterate how an ex-prisoner feels in such a new and extreme environment. The size of the sculpture should be life sized, to add full relativity to the audience. For the material the actual prisoner should be a thin outline of the figure made of iron grey granite. The color tone of the granite will add emotion to the figure. From there we will see a good place where the sun will meet the figure and cast a shadow. For the bars we wanted to paint black lines so that it looked like the shadow was behind the bars, not only that but the fence will cast a shadow that will also add as another barrier.

Artist Statement: When I was thinking of the idea I knew right from the get-go that I wanted it to be simple, but meaningful. To have as little detail, but to spark as much thought as any other work with more detail. The social issue is actually pretty close to home, my uncle has been in prison for almost twenty years, and he is right about to get out in the beginning of next year. The idea sparked from the last time I talked to my Uncle. I’d asked him how excited he was to get out, but he didn’t seem as thrilled as I was. My uncle told me that he wasn’t ready to come out, so many things have changed, and he didn’t know his place in the world. After that I had heard about a statistic showing that a lot of ex-prisoners end up going back to prison because they can’t fit in with society and resort back to actions that got them in prison in the first place. That’s why I chose this issue, and also why I drew this picture. So many people live their lives unaware of everything else that surrounds them, either it be a city away or a country away.

Budget and Installation Guidelines:

Our budget for this project is $500.00, but not all the money is needed. We would need a thin slab of iron gray granite approximately 6 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet (US $28-$36/Square Meter) this would only cost us about $36 for one slab which would be more than enough for the outline. It would then be carved into a life size human figure by using either a hammer and chisel, or power tools (which all of us already own and we also are aware of how hard granite is). We would then need five ten foot iron bars with approximately 1 inch radius painted behind the sculpture so that the shadow will always be behind the bars. The life size figure will be polished and set in an area where the sun will always cast a shadow. The figure will be placed right next to the fence so that the fence will also cast a shadow to add another element to the concept.
Total would approximately be around $50-$80 and a days worth of chiseling the figure.

Items needed:

  • One can of black paint ($22.00)
  • Hammer and Chisel or Power tools
  • 1 square meter (=10.76 square feet) of Iron grey granite slab($28-$36)

Price reference: (

By Kelvin, Jake, and Steven


One response to “The Stranger

  1. What a wonderful representation of your concept. Very clear and poignant.

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